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Hors les murs

Main (Hand)
Performance of PAULINE BRUN
Terrace of MAMAC, Nice
Thursday, July 23rd at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm

© Pauline Brun, Main

Design and performance: Pauline Brun
Assistant : Valérie Castan
Exterior view: Adaline Anobile
Acknowledgements : Jennifer Hillyard
Main (Hand) is a performance extracted from the current choreographic creation, Raide d’équerre. Re-exploring elementary relationships between body and space, Raide d’équerre digs alterations and gaps in reality to construct, in fiction, other forms of otherness. The performance Main is based on a work of fragmentation of the body. A hand deploys its autonomy and crosses imaginations aiming to multiply fictions tenfold and to alter perception.
Place Yves Klein
06364 Nice cedex 4
Every day except Monday from 11am to 6pm

Hors les murs

Voilà l’été

Group exhibition

Le 109 – Nice
Exhibition until August 29, 2020

© La piscine d’Omar RODRIGUEZ SANMARTIN – Photography Cédric Teisseire
Frédéric ALEMANY, Marie LARROQUE-DARAN, Martin CAMINITI, Benjamin BICHARD, Mouna BAKOULI, Fondation René d’Azur (Gilbert CATY, Vérana COSTA, S.LALLANE,) and Frédéric Clavère , Hugo BENCHIMOL, Lucas VIDAL, Marc CHEVALIER, Gillian BRETT, Johan CHRIST-BERTRAND, Elvire MÉNÉTRIER, Noël DOLLA, Emmanuelle VILLARD, Kristof EVERART, Maxime PUGLISI, Anne FAVRET & Patrick MANEZ, Maxime PARODI, Anne GERARD, Helen COOK, Karim GHELLOUSSI, Jacqueline GAINON, Jérôme GRIVEL, Pierre DESCAMPS, Aïcha HAMU, Isabelle REY, Thierry LAGALLA, Sylvie RÉNO, Sandra LECOQ, Bérénice MAYAUX, Arnaud MAGUET, Olivier MILLAGOU, Florent MATTEI, Jérémy GRIFFAUD, Fiorenza Floraline MENINI, UNLOCKED WOMEN, Frédéric NAKACHE, Yayoi GUNJI, Jürgen NEFZGER, Etudiants d’Aix-en-Provence, François-Xavier ORSINI, Stéphane ACCARIE, Gérald PANIGHI, Laurie JACQUETTY, François PARIS, Céline MARIN, Loïc LE PIVERT, Collectif BAT, Jean-Simon RACLOT, Marion JAULIN, Caroline RIVALAN, Emmanuelle NÈGRE, Olivier ROCHE, Nathalie CHRISTOPHE, Mathieu SCHMITT, Antoine LOUDOT, Quentin SPOHN, Amandine BRULÉE, Anna TOMASZEWSKA, Eglé VISMANTÉ, Benjamin VAUTIER, Stéphane STEINER, Agnès VITANI, Fafé MARTINETTI, Junko YAMASAKI, Louis-Frédéric APOSTOLY, Nils FOGEL, Tom BARBAGLI, Benoît BARBAGLI, Simon BÉRARD, Adrien FLORÈS-JUANITA,  Jeanne BERBINAU-AUBRY, Guillaume GOUEROU, Arnaud BIAIS, Maxime DUVEAU, Quentin DUPUY, Pauline BRUN, Diane BLONDEAU, Diane AUDEMA, Valentin FALINE, Marion COURTOIS TSCHIRHARDT, Tom GIAMPIERI, Xavier MICHEL, Ludovic LIGNON,  Isabelle SORDAGE, Omar RODRIGUEZ SANMARTIN, Raphaël EMINE, Justin SANCHEZ, Julien DUBUISSON, Maggy CLUZEAU, Jérémie STRAUCH, Donia OUASSIT, Cédric TEISSEIRE, Morgan PATIMO, Agathe WIESNER, Coline DUPUIS, Anne-Laure WUILLAI, Camille FRANCH-GUERRA
From Wednesday to Thursday from 1pm to 7pm and from Friday to Saturday from 1pm to midnight, the site welcomes visitors to see, practice, exchange, relax, in the open air. (except for the week of August 15).

Hors les murs

Être libre


Domaine Départemental de Chamarande

Exhibition from July 11 to October 11, 2020


Exhibition curator: Eva Vautier


Etre libre, 2020 © Ben Vautier


For the Domaine Départemental de Chamarande, Ben collects more than 400 works, mostly from his personal collection, but also from private collections.
The exhibition “Être libre” reveals the multiple facets of an iconoclastic and provocative artist who has been challenging single thought for more than 50 years. It allows visitors to discover his work in all its complexity and contradictions, its joyful breadth and abundance, which crosses all fields of art and life.

A historical part presents a selection of significant works from the years 1958 to 1978.
At the end of the 1950s, Ben signs everything, thus appropriating, through his images and actions, the world as a whole. To illustrate these years, documents from the period are presented: posters, photographic and video archives, as well as a selection of his performances entitled “Gestures”.
He is one of the first artists to put art directly in the street, in Europe from 1959, by practicing his “Street Actions”. These are daily gestures, such as waiting at a bus stop, swimming across the port of Nice with his hat and clothes on, or eating pasta in the middle of the street sitting at a table. With his many actions, Ben became in the 1960s an essential figure of the Fluxus movement in Europe.

A second part of the exhibition opens the doors to Ben’s universe, which invests the different rooms of the castle with more up-to-date installations and new works, through a succession of characteristic themes: small ideas, portraits, mirrors, photography, ego and play.
He pursues his introspection in a journey through which the visitor is invited in turn to question his condition, his time, his society. Each new word, each new gesture is part of a quest for meaning and truth.
Exhibition open to the castle and the orangery – free access :
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday – June-September, 14h-19h – October, 14h-17h
Saturday-Sunday – June-September, 1pm-7pm – October, 1pm-5pm




  • Exposition être libre, Ben Vautier, Photos François Fernandez

Press review


Libération, Ben lève le masque, August 20, 2020
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Passage des Arts
France 2, September 3, 2020,
Hosted by Claire Chazal
August 11, 2020