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Through various pieces, Mona uses herself as a converter that reflects and modifies the sensitive data she captures. She speaks of the human being as a lens that captures, modifies and retransmits information. She questions the multiple natures of languages: corporal, oral, extrasensitive, as reflections of our inner syntheses. These syntheses are sensitively inked into the material, be it wax, fabric or paper.
These transformations are constrained by often simple protocols that provide a framework for reading these captured feelings. Revealing certain psychological springs and pathways of individual complexity. Thanks to the application of recursive protocols, reading supports are developed, categorizing and archiving one's emotions as a sensitive photo of each day. The color is used as a vector of non-verbal transmission from the impressiveness and nuances that they give off. For example, in the project Carrot of Emotion (2020), at the end of each of her days, she collects the dominant emotion, transforming it into color by integrating a layer of pigmented wax on top of a "sedimentary core."
Sensitive to highlight the specific qualities of the materials used, the fabric finds its place as a memorial support of the body and its energies. In his Aqueous Batiks, fabrics, waxes, dyes are arranged, where their plastic and symbolic relationship combine and oppose each other. The wax hollows out the fabric and leaves room for the diffusion of light, like a window to an emotion.

As for the performance, it is constructed, it remains the way to a bodily and emotional experience in a space. The video performances, in their overflowing enthusiasm, leave room for derision and self-critical humor.
With One Year Performance, I Love You, (2019-2020), Mona commits to recording "I love you" and broadcasting it daily on YouTube, getting physically and emotionally involved, herself as much as the viewer. In the video Danse Nature, 2021, with palpable derision, she takes nature and its sound life for a nightclub. The series Proposition d'action essentielle, combines photos and texts, inviting the visitor to reproduce these actions. These include "Hug the Earth" and "Love Yourself".
The viewer takes note of the emotional protocols, deciding in turn to seize, cultivate and retransmit them, participating in turn in the work.

Benoit Barbagli

Main exhibitions at the gallery :

Selection of works

Leaf, 2022

Series, Vivid Blades

Engraving on anti-reflective glass,

plum wood

11 x 38.5 x 2.5 cm

Diver 13, 2022

Series, Divers
Linocut printing, 180G paper, Canson 180G marbling
45 x 32.5 cm

Knife, curved blade, 2022

Series, Vivid Blades
Anti-reflective glass,
wood, fabric

31 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm


2023 Fatras, Group show, Le Roc Fleuri, Cap d'Ail

2023 PUISSANTE, Group show, Chapelle Saint-Elme, Villefranche-sur-Mer

2023 Vues sur mer, Group exhibition, Ciac, Château de Carros

2022 Supervues 022, Individual room, Hotel Burrhus, Vaison la Romaine, With Eva Vautier gallery

2022 Substrat, Group show, No-made, Le Roc Fleuri, Cap d'Ail

2021 Orées, Group show, Palam collective exhibition, Villa Caméline (Maison Abandonnée), Nice

2021 90° au dessus du Feu, Benoit Barbagli, Accompanied by the Palam collective, Hotel Windsor, Nice

2020 Avec plaisir, Group show, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice

2020 DOUBLE VITRAGE, Group show, Galerie OpenSchool des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, Nantes

2020 IN VITRO IN VIVO, Group show, Exhibition-sale, no-made, Le Roc Fleuri, Cap d'Ail

2020 Etre, Rue de l'exposition, Group show, Palam collective proposal, 22 rue Vernier, Nice

2017 Jeux de société, Group exhibition, Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco, Exhibition with Gilles Desplanques

2017 U+(x,y,z)=U, Group exhibition at the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence. Collaboration with ESAIP (engineering school) and the association M2F Création/ Lab GamerZ. (Digital Arts)

2015 Dispositif, Group exhibition on the question of the device, as part of the 8th colloquium on scenography and scenology organized by the Pavillon Bosio


2018 / 2020 Double Cursus, -DNSEP, École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire, ESBANM -Master Civilisation, Culture et Société : Médiation, expertise et valorisation culturelle

2018 / 2020 Mobility Senegal (three weeks), "Projection international Dakar, présence du Futur: reprendre/revisiter/ouvrir le musée."

2014 / 2017 DNAP with Honors, Pavillon Bosio_ Art & Scénographie_École Supérieure d'Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco


"I reflect and observe individual behaviors using myself as a guinea pig most of the time, hoping to capture the full human depth. Human beings are as unpredictable as they are complex. Emotions (translated into color in my work) are what give the most intensity, the echo of the unconscious impulse of the heart that pushes us to Be. I am interested in these sensations, their mechanisms of integration and diffusion.

My practice is governed by a sensitive and structured analysis of the inner world and its interaction with the outer world. I mostly use protocols and a serial system. Multiplicity allows to reveal collective patterns while sublimating individual variations.

The materials used are vectors of feelings. My works propose to the viewers sometimes an observation of the other, an echo of ourselves, sometimes a pause on states of consciousness and finally, an invitation to action in consciousness of our internal mechanisms."

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