Hors les murs

Main (Hand)
Performance of PAULINE BRUN
Terrace of MAMAC, Nice
Thursday, July 23rd at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm

© Pauline Brun, Main

Design and performance: Pauline Brun
Assistant : Valérie Castan
Exterior view: Adaline Anobile
Acknowledgements : Jennifer Hillyard
Main (Hand) is a performance extracted from the current choreographic creation, Raide d’équerre. Re-exploring elementary relationships between body and space, Raide d’équerre digs alterations and gaps in reality to construct, in fiction, other forms of otherness. The performance Main is based on a work of fragmentation of the body. A hand deploys its autonomy and crosses imaginations aiming to multiply fictions tenfold and to alter perception.
Place Yves Klein
06364 Nice cedex 4
Every day except Monday from 11am to 6pm