Panighi Gérald

They were all reincarnated

Gérald’s work is an interdependent association between an image carefully neglected with a powerful reference and a text diverted from everyday life situations.

The gap between the two triggers laughter or smile. Gérald’s humor is often abrupt, sometimes dark, stressing our humanity and our imperfections, referring us back to our own reflection through the prism of his vision. In addition to his new original works, he will present two works made in conjunction with Villa Arson graduate Caroline Rivalan, as well as a limited edition made especially for the occasion.

His guest, Philippe Jusforgues excels in the art of accommodating strangeness, he leads us into the world of collage and photography.

« Upon seeing Gerald Panighi’s works for the first time, evidently my eyes strayed to the stunning explosion of work casually invading an entire wall as if they were ordinary Post-Its. There is much to see and read in Gerald’s work. It may sound silly, but I immediately said to myself that he must have feasted on a lot of Strange as many boys of his generation and perhaps even read alarming issues of ”Detective” in his childhood – where the punches, despite the hyper-expressivity of the individuals drawn by Angelo Di Marco, are not only onomatopoeic. In these early days of his life, he may have also remained puzzled by Magritte’s “This is not a pipe”, an attractive anti-tautology after all…

If the representation is not real, the combined dissociation of the process beloved of the Surrealists has a more abstruse charm. Nothing is more enigmatically captivating than the assumed dysfunction of the image. We enjoyed it with Magritte as we revered it in the 80s, in the trivial world of Glenn Baxter’s illustrations… The absurd is the answer to all occlusive, ridiculous speculation and it is precisely that that manages to be deliciously enjoyable (without the slightest pretence) in the work of Gerald Panighi. »

Michèle Goarant, 2011

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