Nalbandian Frédérique

Frédérique Nalbandian is a graduate of the École Pilote Internationale d’Arts et de Recherches, Villa Arson, Nice. Since these years spent experimenting with forms in the making, she has been refining her science of materials and her interest in the vast and troubling question of the flow of time. Soap still occupies a predominant place in her work as a sculptor, but also plaster and glass. On occasion, these substances are loaded with water, air, carmine red pigment and coal powder, become impregnated and even bruised. Chemical exchanges thus take place in installations that follow the laws of fallow landscapes or interact with architectural spaces full of meaning. In these works, from which emerge as many balanced volumes as “intranquilous” structures, the artist uses motifs such as the circle and the column. In other works that say something about man’s relationship with the world, it is a question of the ear and understanding, of hands in prayer and near silence. Here, receptacles with their large surfaces of vibration, there, concretions made of folds and meanders like those of the brain for example. Undeniably, these works, because of their repetitive force and their power to integrate linguistic signs – one must listen to the titles the artist attributes to his works -, impose the idea of a quest that is haunted by the poetic and haunted by what makes it a prodigy: the blossoming of meaning, its possible dehiscence, without recourse to argumentation or the slightest dialectical system. Finally, it must be said that Frédérique Nalbandian executes a number of drawings in which a weaving between references to the history of art and imprecise anatomy emerges with varying degrees of sharpness on the paper. A partition, one could say, between what would be the desire to describe the whirling of the sky and the desire to put man back at the center of the system …

Text by Ondine Bréaud-Holland (excerpts from the artists’ dictionary)

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