Claude Gilli, Blue


Claude Gilli, Bleu, 2002

Lithograph signed and numbered, 55 x 75 cm

90 copies

Born in Nice on September 15, 1938 into a Nice family, and deceased on June 28, 2015, Claude Gilli was a pure product of the Nice school, which notably participated in the creation of the New Realism movement.

Claude Gilli is a truly committed artist who believes in Art, the proof is that on New Year’s Eve 1962, he burns almost everything he has made to date to mark his commitment to the artistic adventure.

In 1963, his life as an artist, his moments shared with Arman, Ben and Raysse allowed him to participate in his first Parisian exhibition, Galerie Henriette Legendre.
For over 40 years Gilli has been stubbornly doing what he wants. This attitude fuels a varied body of work, best known for the Pop Art period…

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