Anne-Laure Wuillai

Born in 1987 in Versailles, Anne-Laure Wuillai is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2014). Artist in residence at La Station, she lives and works in Nice.

Anne-Laure Wuillai uses her own body as a yardstick for measurement, at the origin of a reflection on the frameworks that govern our perception. She locates the lines and grids that punctuate and organize our movements and displacements. She operates on the daily structures that order our lives, basing her gestures on pre-constructed reference points, templates, frames and established boxes, … in order to give back its place to the human being.

The banal objects that she installs are as many challenges to our body, that is to say to what looks but is also looked at, to what sees but is not seen. Playing with norms and the normative, she traces the paradox of our presence in the world, a presence torn between freedom and constraint, our self and the other.

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