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Kepler 186f,mysterious and ambitious title. What can it hide? Kepler is Johannes Kepler, a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer German sixteenth century. It was he who determined that the planets orbited in ellipses around the sun. He also showed that their speed depended on the distance from the sun and described the movement of each planet around ours. Kepler, it is also a NASA telescope that was put into orbit in 2009, his mission: to detect exoplanets. Kepler 186f is the first exoplanet the size of the Earth located in the inhabitable zone of the sun Kepler 186. It could have water in liquid form, a sine qua non condition for the presence of life as we know it. It was in April 2014 that the false twin of our Earth was revealed to the world, to our world. What does this have to do with Kristof Everart’s work, you may ask? Will he offer us his vision of this planet? Illustrations of his landscapes? Of his campaigns? His cities? Will he show us its inhabitants? Not really.Everart’s latest works explore territories, their borders, their limits and their extent, the passage from one territory to another, from one space to another, from one concept to another. Kepler 186f is the other fantasized, the other inaccessible, the other where everything is unknown, everything is possible, everything is possibility. This is where the main thread of this exhibition lies.

It is beyond the coverings, the Transformations of his exhibition at the Galerie des Ponchettes during the winter of 2009. It tells a story of experiences and feelings. To do so, the Galerie Eva Vautier has been transformed, it now houses a new world. On the first level, the top of a mountain, the passage of a desert pass, in front of it, blocking it, a sculpture placed, luminous, a turning point and here we are facing large paintings, moving landscapes, spots of paint, clouds, nuances, forms to be distinguished, inviting to contemplation. An atmosphere between two states, sobriety, lightness, an abstraction at the limit of figuration that tells us a surrealist story, a construction of chance decided by the Architect of this world.

Upstairs, air, drawings, suspended trees, carved wood, a traffic knot leading to treasures arranged here and there, a light score, improvised music by Dorian Casacci, the artist musician invited by Kristof Everart, who proposes a reading and a sound illustration of this enigmatic world. A world where, as in Twin Peaks, “there is always music in the air” and appearance can be deceptive. More than an exhibition, Kepler 186f is a proposal, a crossing of familiar territories, that a shift makes us unknown, near and far, within reach and spirit. A plastic reflection on what surrounds us, on our perception, our apprehension and our sensations.

Anne-Sophie Lecharme

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