Yosef Joseph Dadoune – White (publication)


Yosef Joseph Dadoune, White Publication


Edition Arnaud Bizalion
Texts: Doron von Beider, Mario Casanova, Barbara Wolffer Graphic design: Baldinger-Vu-Huu
FF 23 x 31, 88 pages, (22 x 4),
cover laminated with grey cardboard 2 mm,
French, English, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese


The work of Joseph Dadoune, born in Nice in 1975, lies at the confluence of video, photography, performance, drawing, architecture and social action. His work expresses his interest in the tensions between East and West, religious life and secular life, central power and periphery, or the real and the imaginary. Her work also resonates with colonial issues and questions of gender and identity.


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Yosef Joseph Dadoune – White (publication)
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