The Winter Rite, 2021

Series, The shape of the sea

Ecotopia Ink on canvas

180 x 285 cm


An ink throw from a cliff onto a canvas below.

The fall of the ink and the aspect of the ground form the imprint of this vertical earth which captures from the mountain its vertigo and its fall, its geological time and its limitless space.

The realization of the canvas is as fast as the fall of a dozen meters that put a few drops of coal mixed with water.

Before being a work of art, Ecotopia is the result of many walks, alone or with friends through the mountains. Nights spent living in nature, under the stars, warmed by a campfire.

Cliffs climbed for hours on end, only to have an ink jet cover a canvas below in a few seconds.

Except for the linen canvas itself, the materials that make it up come from walking, the ink is created after nights spent outside, with the crushed ashes of the wood fire, to which is added a sap serving as a binder.

The fertile mountain gives birth to the substratum that settles on the canvas, the wood that grows on it becomes coal, then ink.

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    The Winter Rite, 2021
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