L’origine de la fin


Benoit Barbagli

“The origin of the end”, 2014

Sérigraphie sur papier Velin d’Arches Rives

Tirage 25 exemplaires

45 X 35 cm

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Benoit Barbagli lives and works between Paris and nice

Engineer in conceptual technology, develops a remote thought transmission network without intermediate interface. A technology that acts as a lubricant on words and things, between gestures and emotions, to soften and connect them. It uses love and life to achieve this. A technology that is sometimes verbal, sometimes plastic, that never ceases to build bridges between many kinds of knowledge that are revealed through encounters and the collective. Each project generates the emulsion of different trades: mountaineers, engineers, architects, sailors…


An extravagant engineering out of phase with any technological progress, a sensitivity to the ecological cause, a praise of the simplicity of the gesture, gives a certain militant reading. The look on the gestures oscillates between a satire of the instituting cultural forms, an unreasoned poetic act and a vigorous erotic expression crossed by a questioning on the genre.


It fluctuates between a large-scale communication and diffusion project (Art – Bussiness – Contemporary Marketing 3.0 ) and an intense love story told with sincerity and commitment. It vacillates between a rigorous, structured, logical discourse and an intellectual imposture that one can never quite say when it would have started. Dressed by complex devices and sometimes tenuous references, the sense of the gesture, expresses itself in a simple, popular, always sincere language.


Bucolic, in love, loving life, and giving her thanks, plunging frankly into it, decreeing art as a pretext for life. And believe it or not, in this bubbling activity, praise is given to slowness, stammering decay as the only possible environmental window. This slowed down activity turns more and more towards meditation, as a way of access to oneself, as a way of societal claim, fantasizing the ultimate piece as a simple breath: a breath.


Duo exhibitions

2020 OceanBloom, Iliana Tounda, Athènes, Grèce  (avec Eri Dimitriali)

2018 Emosophia, Open Bach,  Paris

2017 Derrière la Mer , Galerie de Beuil, Beuil


Exhibitions with the Palam Collective:

2021 Villa Cameline, Nice

2020 Voyage en Mer, Chapelle Sainte-Elisabeth, Villefranche-sur-Mer

2019 Azimuth, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice, et le FRAC PACA dans le cadre Des marches et démarches



2015 Chambre de télépathie – SuperVue, Hôtel Burrough, Vaison-la-Romaine
2015 En une seconde d’inspiration, MAMAC, Nice

Exposition réalisée dans le cadre du festival Réveillons-Nous organisé par Irina Bro
2015 Une sorte de métaphore comme la (planète) Terre, Paris

Exposition réalisée en partenariat avec l’association Diamètre, Galerie itinérante

2015 DNSEP, Vie, Villa Arson, 2015
2015 Ici la terre, Les visiteurs du soir, Rosalina, Nice

Exposition réalisée dans le cadre d’un évènement Botox(s)


Permanent presentation

Galerie Bertheas, Vichy, Saint-Etienne, Paris

Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice

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The frame can be framed with classic glass or anti-reflective glass (Mirogard).




Preservation through framing is the fundamental step for the safeguarding of the work. This framing is made to measure according to the new standards in force in museums concerning the conservation of works of art. The work presented in this frame is mounted floating on a museum type support. Its conservation is preserved from temporal and hygrometric degradations. Advice for the optimal conservation of the work: average ambient temperature 18°, stabilized hygrometry 65°, light absorption 650 lux maximum. Do not keep this work for more than 3 months in an airtight package.




Framing anti-reflective glass (Mirogard)


Mirogard 2mm is a high quality anti-reflective glass with two invisible sides. The scratch-resistant hard anti-reflective coating is obtained when the glass is fired. It is highly appreciated in the manufacture of mats where the brightness and sharpness of the design must remain intact. There is no distortion of the image as with the use of matte glass. The hard coating is resistant to chemicals, humidity, thermal shock and can be maintained with all traditional cleaning products.

All Mirogard products are made with an extra-clear base glass that reproduces the color rendering realistically, unlike Luxar, which despite its extra-clear base retains a yellowish base.

Mirogard is subjected to a process called “Sol-Gel coating” which makes it much more resistant to shocks and scratches and therefore does not require the use of a protective film for transport and storage as with the Luxar product where the soft coating is fragile. This anti-reflective soft coating is sprayed on the lenses of glasses for which care must be taken during handling to avoid scratches.

Mirogard is recognized worldwide for its hard coating and unique qualities while Luxar is regularly taken off the market due to quality problems. (cloudy spots)