François Paris, Conjuring


Francois Paris, Conjuration, 2017
Graphite on paper Signed and dated on the back
26 x 36 cm – 38 x 28 cm (frame)

Torn between contrary impulses, but which he does not seek to unify, François Paris deploys a singular and offbeat universe.

The artist plays on the interstices of time, the off-camera, the sentimental disillusions and misunderstandings, between images and words, the poetic mise en abyme, dark and without answer, but where the absurdity of existence prevails. Mixture of hope and derision, it leads us to question ourselves on the real futility of our modern lives, a frantic race to chaos, a dark farce that we do not want to see for an immediate enjoyment, instantaneous and without real tomorrow. An impulse towards the worst in a happy melancholy.

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