Florian Schönerstedt, Random seeds


Florian Schönerstedt, Random seeds, 2023

Printing Rag Photographic Infinity Canson 310g


20 x 40 cm – 22 x 42 cm (frame)

According to the art historian Paul Ardenne, ” Director of short animation films, Florian Schönerstedt soon moved into the field of research, particularly in Artificial Intelligence. His work evolves strongly but, as far as he is concerned, without ever abandoning a relationship that we will say elementary, substantial, to reality, his reality. The collection of its domestic waste, thus, will give rise to a vast creation intermingling ecology, social ethics and archaeology. His interest, which one could say romantic, sensitive, for the fallen leaves on the ground in autumn, still, leads to an advanced aesthetic research, led by an AI, on the metamorphosis… The artist, if he is a transformer, is also transformed in contact with a world here of the most evolutionary, whose mutations condition in return that of the work of art. Florian Schönerstedt – a transformer itself transformed.

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