Christian Bernard, Hippolyte Hentgen, Fabules


Christian Bernard, Hippolyte Hentgen

Fabules, 2022
17 x 24 cm (paperback, in dust jacket)
112 pages (50 illustrations)
published in November 2022
Walden edition

A “small portable zoology”: a book combining 50 animal poems by Christian Bernard and 50 collages by Hippolyte Hentgen.

Animal poetry, especially fabulist, has long been used to draw up pleasant portraits of “our friends the animals”. It was necessary to continue without prejudice the examination of this kingdom more than close to ours. This is what these Fabulesare all about, teeming with revelations about fifty familiar animals, often unknown and sometimes justly unloved. The logic of their world has been neglected too much. The poems and collages in this book fill this gap.

Designer and director of Mamco (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva) from its opening in 1994 until 2015, former director of the Villa Arson (Nice), publisher (founder of Walden n) and art critic, Christian Bernard (born in 1950 in Strasbourg, lives and works in Saint-Victor-sur-Loire) has been publishing poems since 1966.
Hippolyte Hentgen is a duo of artists, composed of Gaëlle Hippolyte and Lina Hentgen (born respectively in 1977 in Perpignan and in 1980 in Clermont-Ferrand). Gathered under this fictitious name thought as a sphere of sharing and a tool of distancing of the notion of author, the two artists explore a territory of research mainly directed towards the image.

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