Charlotte Pringuey Cessac, Untitled


Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac, Untitled, 2022
Smeared vat paper, with collage, signed and dated on the back
15 x 10 cm

The work is framed and protected by anti-reflective glass.

“Charlotte Pringuey Cessac’s work is characterized by a strong link between subject and medium”, Klaus Spiedel.

The question of drawing in space and matter is central to his protean practice. From charcoal wall drawings, to glass memorial lines, to porcelain climbing routes, Pringuey Cessac moves from one medium to another, from one material to another with the intention of telling a story. Personal and/or universal mythologies, sober materials and protocols can be confronted with a place, a current event, ancestral techniques, experimental technologies, etc.

Charlotte Pringuey Cessac plays with reality and its constraints, to divert them and bring them towards a poetic and aesthetic reflection. Her work refers to concrete data from sites, specific situations or archaeological excavations that she tries to inscribe plastically in a history of memory, trace and narrative.

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