Agnès Vitani

Agnès Vitani collects, consumes, recomposes, stretches and reformulates elements and materials that, in the intrigue of her approaches, recover identities otherwise presumed. Consumed, the material is rehabilitated, lived, trivialized or marginalized. These adjectives do not compete according to the point of view we bring to it.
The analysis of matter is a constant feature of Agnès Vitani’s activity: from this stems the greatest unconsumable Barbapapa: Barbe Bleue (Bluebeard). Nebulous, declination of the colors of the felts and fraying of the fluffy ones unfold in a magic swelling(Oz?).


I particularly like the Boulders. Blue Jean (David Bowie?), Working Blue (Denim?), Indigo (The original habitat of the indigo tree remains however unknown: in India, the plant has been cultivated for more than four thousand years) .

Agnès Vitani’s Rocks look like maritime cushions or Japanese footsteps; synthetic foams covered with used denim canvas, spotted with paint, “almost” emblematic re-marks of the painter on his clothes. The objects are placed in space and like his other works, they are particularly exposed to light. Jumping from one rock to another, then spreading out…

Finally, let us return to the “spirit” of sedimentation that runs through all of Agnès Vitani’s work: the “soaps”, her latest works carry the domestic enigma of this experimented variation of color through an observed, tested chemistry. A charm yes, the sense of construction of a work that is exposed in its process before it is even exhibited. It looks like an Opal…

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This set of “soccer balls” forms an ethnic group that has no similar coverings or external signs – except for their size and their “32 faces*” – that would make it possible to recognize them. These eccentric jewels, marginal if one is attached to the sportsmanship of their origins, delicately occupy the space that no sculpture can claim.

* Geometrically, the 32-panel balloon can be described as a truncated icosahedron, a semi-regular polyhedron with 60 vertices and 32 faces, 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal, whose edges are all the same length.


Ingrid Luche


Agnès vitani, “Pointes de flèches”, 2013, 46 x 30 x 0.6 cm, felt pens, wood


Agnès vitani, “Barbe à papa 3”, 2014, 60 x 40 cm, felt-tip pens, soccer ball




Agnès vitani, “Bouton masque”, 2014, 40 x 40  cm,
felt and polystyrene, 40 x 40  cm


Agnes Vitani

lives and works in Nice



Vide-poches et fonds de tiroirs, commissariat Fafé Martinetti, Lycée d’Estienne d’Orves, Nice


Atelier d’art contemporain, MAMAC, Nice



Avec plaisir, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice
Idoles stars et reliques, Mamdac, Haut de cagnes. Commissariat Anne Sechet
Pause déjeuner, Caisse d’épargne Masséna, Commissariat Entre Deux, Nice

Eclairage public, Chantier 109,Nice
Elementaire ou la règle du jeu, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice


Tribu, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice
Quand je serai grand, Commissariat Valérie Arboireau, la Galerie, Galeries Lafayettes, Saint Laurent du Var
A une année lumière, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice
En suspens, galerie Eva Vautier, Nice
J’écris donc je suis, sur une proposition de Ben, La station et invités, Le garage, Brive
Cure d’azote, la maison, Nice, tract distribué a l’occasion de J’écris donc je suis,le Garage,Brive
Supervues, Hôtel Burrhus, Vaison La Romaine
Le cerveau, Espace à débattre, Nice
J’aime les femmes et je le prouve, Espace à débattre, Nice
Cabinet démocratique, South Art et le Labo, Villa Caméline, Nice
Parcours Art contemporain, commissariat Anne Sechet, Haut de Cagnes
Cabinet névrotique, South Art et le Labo, Villa Cameline, Nice
Troisième République deuxième round premier raout, La Station, La Colle sur Loup
Cabinet érotique, South aAt et le Labo, Villa Caméline, Nice
C’est pas joli joli, La Station, Institut culturel français,Turin, Italie
Jolie attaque pour perdre, sur une proposition de Ben, La Station, Espace de arts, Colomiers
Co incident, Maison des artistes, Cagnes sur mer
Y’a pas le feu, Le LAC, Centre d’art, Sigean
Surplus, La Station, Nice
Nice By night 2, Nice




Aide individuelle à la création, Drac Paca


Parcours Art contemporain, Edition de la Ville de Cagnes- sur-Mer, 2004 La Station hors ses murs, édition Ulisse & Calipso, Naples


Catalogue de l’Espace des arts, Colomiers




La jeune création au LAC, Beaux Arts Magazine n° 198,

En suspens
Exhibition from May 13 to June 14, 2014

Pauline Brun, Alice Guittard, Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac, Agnès Vitani





Agnès Vitani, “Rochers”, 2013, Variable dimensions, Mixed techniques


Exhibition view

Exhibition En Suspens at Galerie Eva vautier