Women who cry are angry, 2021


ORLAN, Women who cry are angry, 2021

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Women who cry are angry, 2021
Book 78 pages
Jannink and Eva Vautier Editions
21 x 29.7 cm
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ORLAN, with her committed and political works, questions the status of women in contemporary society. It is not subject to a material, a technology or an artistic practice. She uses sculpture, photography, performance, video, 3D, video games, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics (she has created a robot in her image that speaks with her voice) as well as scientific and medical techniques such as surgery and biotechnology… to question the social phenomena of our time).

Among his major works, we count the Kiss of the artist, which she presented at the FIAC, in 1977 or The Origin of War in 1989, resuming The Origin of the World by Gustave Courbet. In the 1990’s, she started a series of surgery-performances that she staged.

From 1998, she created the first Self-Hybridations, using digital technologies to mix her own portrait with those of Pre-Colombians, Amerindians, Africans, or even masks from the Peking Opera and Self-Hybridations on commission such as that of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The works in the series Women Who Cry are Angry are inspired by Picasso’s portraits of his then companion, Dora Maar, crying. In this series, ORLAN hybridizes fragments of her face with portraits of Dora Maar.

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