Joseph Dadoune, Djinn


Yosef Joseph Dadoune, Djinn, 2020,

Indian recycled paper, handmade, 31 x 24 cm,

Signed, dated, titled on the back

Custom framed and protected by anti-reflective glass (Mirogard)*.

This series of drawings dates from the artist’s last trip before the pandemic, to Marrakech. This parenthesis brought him back to his childhood memories, to the discussions, listened in secret, between his mother and a neighbor about the “djinns”. Endowed with free will and invisible to the human eye, these supernatural creatures from the Middle East are able to influence us.

Here, white pastels on Indian paper evoke the spirituality of a parallel existence, with art as a language to cross worlds.


*MIROGARD glass eliminates annoying reflections on the glass surface. The anti-reflection treatment carried out by depositing interferential multi-layers with metal oxides on both sides results in an 89% reduction in reflection.

This perfectly COLORLESS glass also offers the advantage of restoring the colors of the protected work in a natural way and it preserves the radiation ULTRA-VIOLET, which accelerates the aging process by photosynthesis

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