Favorites of the gallery

La Station

La is the place of operation of the Starter association, whose aim is to defend the arts in their most contemporary form. Originally installed within the walls of a former service station located at 26 boulevard Gambetta in Nice, from which it takes its name, La Station has moved according to the realities of the places that hosted it.


Claude valenti, graphic artist


A history of performance on the Côte d’Azur from 1951 to the present day

This project is the culmination of a research program conducted by the Villa Arson since September 2007 – thanks to the constant support of the Alpes-Maritimes General Council – on the history of performance on the Côte d’Azur from 1951 to the present day.


The Espace de l’Art Concret

Opened in 1990, the Espace de l’Art Concret was born from the meeting and the will of two collectors, Sybil Albers and Gottfried Honegger, and the mayor of Mouans-Sartoux, André Aschiéri.


Fondation du doute

La Fondation du doute (the doubt foundation) is a singular place. Ben Vautier imagines it filled with the freedom of moving places, animated by the flow he has carried with him for fifty years. The Fondation du doute is open to all forms, to all possibilities, as long as they surprise us, amuse us, and convince us that art, as Robert Filliou so aptly put it, “is what makes life more interesting than art”. The vocation of the Fondation du doute is to welcome artists, theorists, researchers, to create a living residence where audiences meet.

La météo du jour

Photographic stroll of contemporary pieces


Documents d’artistes

The documentary collection currently gathers a selection of 200 artists representing a plurality of horizons and practices in the field of contemporary art (installation, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, video, sound, multimedia) and residing in PACA. The updated artists’ files offer numerous reproductions of works, a CV, a bibliography and texts.



Videomuseum currently federates 60 collections and currently lists 29,000 artists, 315,000 works and 235,000 images that can be consulted in each organization.


Video Data Bank

Video Data Bank celebrates four decades of art and artist collections, offering essays, interviews, images and complete video archives.



Stephanie Marin turned very early to eco-design: from 1990 she made textile recycling a fashion trend, then she created her ready-to-wear line “Habits Magiques” in 1995, thanks to which she became successful. Since 2004, she decided to extend her research to design and housing, a design without compromise between comfort, design quality and dream, forward-looking in its reading of functionalities.


Hôtel Windsor

The artists’ rooms open a window on the world of contemporary art: the use of volume, the play of forms and materials, humor … Each room is a creation, fruit of the imagination of the artist, a reflection of his work. It always offers the traveller a space of discovery.



With a wide variety of information, from artist biographies to current exhibitions in contemporary art galleries, contemporary lovers will find something for everyone. Its editorial content is aimed at everyone: professionals of the contemporary art market, art history students or simple art lovers.


La mauvaise réputation

Art and literature are merged in this bookstore-gallery.



BOTOX(S) – contemporary art network of the French Riviera, federates about twenty places engaged in the production and dissemination of contemporary art.
Founded in 2007, the strength of this network lies in the different nature of the structures that make it up: Art centers, galleries, private venues, associations, artists’ collectives, publishing houses, museums…


Vent des forêts


In the heart of the Meuse department (Lorraine), on the initiative of six agricultural and forestry villages, Vent des Forêts is inventing an audacious human and cultural project that favors meetings and the work of today’s visual artists with the inhabitants and local craftsmen. Defined as an open-air contemporary art center, this association achieves an alchemy that is rare and extremely precious in rural areas: a strong bond is established between the population, the 70 volunteers of the association, the host families and the artists, resulting in memorable works and encounters during the annual workcamps for the creation of new works and the restoration of older ones. The project draws a new way of living the rurality, whose values are naturally transmitted to the public, who can walk the seven trails, from one to five hours.