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Press kit / Exhibition Les tableaux n’existent pas / Marc Chevalier

Marc Chevalier
Les tableaux n’existent pas

Exhibition from February 15 to March 21, 2020



Former student of the Villa Arson in Nice, Marc Chevalier graduated in 1993. He took part in the creation of La Station in 1996, then went to Paris and Berlin. Returning to Nice in 2012, it is now here that he continues his artistic research on, among other things, the representation of words: the mental image that it creates. It is from this desire that the exhibition Les tableaux n’existent pas was born. It proposes to transcend the idea of the painting. The Gallery Eva Vautier, like a singular imperfect “white cube”, with its edges and irregularities, becomes a place of fabrication in search of the truth of the imaginary of the painting.

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