Postponed / Pareidolie 2020



Due to the sanitary context in the Bouches-du-Rhône, the exhibition is postponed to next year.

For Paréidolie 2020, we proposed you to explore the Human. Joseph Dadoune, with the DJINN series, deals with myth and the power of belief. Natacha Lesueur with unpublished, hyper-realistic drawings, with meticulous repetitions in graphite mine, inspired by his photographic practice, moving from fiction to reality. Grégory Forstner with charcoal drawings, with a lively and expressive gesture of gentlemen with skulls, pigs or dogs, recurring figures in the artist’s iconographic repertoire, which compose a strange universe full of allegories, touching anthropomorphism. Gérald Panighi with carefully neglected imagery and small everyday sentences, which by their assembly provoke a squeaky laugh leading to introspection, reflecting the spirit of human nature. Finally, in search of the universal form, historical drawings of Ben.

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