François Paris

François Paris


Torn between opposing impulses, but which he does not seek to unify, François Paris deploys a singular and offbeat universe.


The artist plays on the interstices of time, off-camera, sentimental disillusions and misunderstandings, between images and words, the setting in poetic, dark and unanswered abyss, but where the absurdity of existence prevails. A mixture of hope and derision, it leads us to question the real futility of our modern lives, a frantic race to chaos, a dark farce that we don’t want to see for an immediate, instantaneous enjoyment with no real tomorrow. An impulse towards the worst in a happy melancholy.


These drawings are usually executed in grey and criterium pencil on relatively small sheets of paper and presented in clouds, however he is also making larger formats since 2012.

Scene of life, sometimes absurd, family photos, propaganda, worried characters, erased faces, uncertain place marked by austerity, incongruous objects, the strange interpretations make us fall into the ineffable disaster, through the prism of old found slides, stale images available on the internet, old forgotten memory cards, the artist seizes them to confront us with a kind of precise decomposition of the soul or what is left of it …


Playing the card essentially black and white and a little color, without having any real stylistic preoccupation, he draws, as he explains, everything and nothing at the same time, but all the time and everywhere !


This allows him, in his programmed wandering, to perceive the contours of disillusionment. Stopping the narrative impulse, he deconstructs the primary meaning of the initial image by reorganizing it through a particular cut-out or framing and creating new meanings. (…)


M. F, 2013

François Paris
Born in 1975, he lives and works in Nice.








La conjoncture du hasard, Galerie Éva Vautier, Nice.



Villa Cameline, Nice



Les surfaces du vide, Galerie Renoir et Galerie du Château, Nice



La zone, Nice



Mars aux Musées, photographies et installations, Musée des beaux arts, Nice






Avec plaisir 2, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice.
Nopoto, Matériaux mixtes, Nice.
La vie est un film, Au 109 Ben. Nice.
Ian Curtis likes this place, Villa Caméline, Nice.
Road Movie, Caisse d’épargne, Nice.
Drawing Now, Art fair, Paris.
Mobile Home, Ecoles Municipales Artistiques, Vitry-sur-Seine.


François Paris / Gérald Panighi, exposition SAJ, Nice.

Nopoto, Matériaux mixtes, Nice.
Vom Winde verweht, Berlin.
100 titres, Bel oeil, Nice.


Kunstschorle, Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin.

Show me the way, Hôtel Windsor, Nice.

Le cabinet utopique, Villa Caméline, Nice.

Éclairage public, le 109, Nice.

Imago Mundi, _ Fondazione Luciano Benetton, Italie.


Le Palais Idéal des égo étranges, Château de Hauterives, Hauterives.

Préfiguration des ego étranges, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice.


Centre d’art « Aldébaran », Montpellier.
Tribu, Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice.

À une année lumière, Galerie Eva Vautier. Nice.
Un printemps à Anvers, Galerie Daniel Boéri, Monaco.


Centre d’art « Aldébaran ». Montpellier.
Cadavre exquis à la plage, Projektraum Ventilator 24, Berlin.
J’écris donc je suis, Ben, La Station & invités, Centre d’art Le Garage, Brive.



Vendanges tardives, Galerie Martagon, Malaucèn

Ombres et lumières, UMAM Nice.



Be another, Espace à débattre, Nice

Le cerveau, Espace à débattre, Nice

Échappée belle, Galerie Daniel Boéri, Monaco

Les visiteurs du soir, Draft – Reisefieber, Nice

La Vitrine, Palais la Scala, Monaco



ryhmänäytelly, Macumba night club, Nice.

La Menuiserie, Nice

Supervues 2011, 3 jours à l’hôtel Burrhus, Vaison la Romaine

Que sera, sera, Centre d’art, Neuchâtel, Suisse



We are all photographers now !, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Suisse



La menuiserie, Nice



Cabinet démocratique, Villa Cameline, Nice

We are all photographers now !, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Suisse



Avatars, Atelier Soardi & le Labo, Nice

Excentricités, Atelier Soardi & le Labo, Nice

Made in Cannes, installation vidéo, Cannes

Cabinet névrotique, Villa Cameline, Nice



Low Tech 1, Villa Arson, Nice

Hypegallery photo, Rencontres d’Arles, Arles

Vinyl, Villa Cameline, Nice

Cabinet érotique, Villa Cameline, Nice



Hôtel de ville, Le désappartement, Nice

Et l’autre qui se prend pour un génie, alors que c’est moi, Nice

Jeunes artistes autour de Louis Bréa, IPAG, Nice



Les Mars de l’art contemporain, installation vidéo, Clermont-Ferrand



Foire d’Art Contemporain, Galerie Esca, Nîmes



Jolie attaque pour perdre, La Station, Toulouse



Promotion 2000, Villa Arson, Nice

Francois Paris, De l’antique regard absent, 2019

Pencil lead drawing on Arches paper 300 Gr, 36 x 26cm



Francois Paris, Au Centre caché, 2019

Pencil lead drawing on Arches paper 300 Gr

26 x 36 cm



Francois Paris, Sans titre, 2018

Pencil lead on paper, 75 x 118 cm




Francois Paris, Faux semblant, 2018

Pencil lead on paper, 90 x 75 cm



François Paris, Unknown Pleasures, 2014

Pencil lead on paper, 65 x 50 cm

François Paris, Exhibition View © photo Fr Fernandez




François Paris, Exhibition View © photo Fr Fernandez






Francois Paris,
Sans titre, 2018
Pencil lead on paper, 75 x 118 cm




François Paris, Exhibition view © photo Fr Fernandez





François Paris, Exhibition view © photo Fr Fernandez






Francois Paris, Nihilistics paradise, 2017
Pencil lead, charcoal on Arches paper
300 Gr with fringed edges,
57 x 77 cm